2013. augusztus 21., szerda

Interactive Sound Installation by Andras Kiss, 2013

The installation combines the ambient sounds of the place as well as the
sounds generated by the visitors and merges them into an aural atmosphere.
The set-up consists of four condenser microphones, the recordings from which
are manipulated through several audio effects like filters, resonators, delays,
compressors and limiters, channeled through five speakers for playback.
The constant interaction between the input and output generates an organic
ambient soundscape which is manipulated directly and indirectly 
by the visitors.

The project was realized in a 12m x 12m
hall in the University of Fine Arts Budapest.
The software used for the installation is
Ableton Live 9.

2013. augusztus 6., kedd

Türkiyenin Sesleri (Sounds from Turkey)

Türkiyenin Sesleri (Sounds from Turkey)

Field recordings made in Istanbul and north-west Turkey by Andras Kiss in 2012. 

01 Allah akbar
02 Istanbul Müezzinleri (Muezzins of Istanbul)
03 Tarlabasi pazarı (Tarlabasi bazaar)
04 Haliçde namaz vaktı (Prayer time at haliç)
05 Kadiköy Dalgaları (Seawaves of Kadiköy)
06 Adalar (Islands)
07 Karadeniz (Black sea)
08 Galata Müzisyenleri (Musicians of Galata)
09 Cuma Selası (Friday Koran teaching)
10 Belgrad Orman (Belgrad forest)
11 Yuvacık azanı (Call to prayer at Yuvacık)
12 Kasimpaşada Akşam Namazı (Evening prayer time in Kasimpaşa)

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2013. június 10., hétfő

Compositions with electromagnetic interference of the computer and synth textures

Experimental compositions with electromagnetic interference of the computer with synth textures:

Erehwonfoelddim05 by Andras Kiss

Erehwonfoelddim03 by Andras Kiss

2012. május 14., hétfő

Made in Istanbul

Paintings and collages based on collected material from the streets of Istanbul.

2011. február 16., szerda

Negative Alchemy - Trash installations at Jeune Creeation Européenne Biennale

Gold rubbish, trash art installation in JCE Pécs, Hungary

Gold rubbish, trash art installation in JCE Mountrouge, French

2009. december 7., hétfő

Tilos5etx , Tilos6etx

Tilos5etx; vegyes technika; vászon; 60 X 60 cm

Tilos6etx; vegyes technika; vászon; 60 X 60 cm

2009. szeptember 28., hétfő

Negative Alchemy - Gold rubbish heap; trash installation at FIKA, Pécs

Gold rubbish heap; trash art installation at FIKA, Pécs

Negative Alchemy:

The distorted human values continually generate useless objects, products, rubbishes, and now this became the center of the life, if this would be the meaning way of life. Almost every human work, job resault is rubbish.
The alchemy and other metaphysical traditions, and other normal way of thinkings say the main thing would be elevate, and help the world getting better, and liveable in matterial, spiritual, and in soul sense as well.
Isntead of this humans produce rubbish, doing negative Alchemy, ruin the matterial, the spirit and the soul.
In my work i would like to point for the distorted value system, unconscious rubbish adorism in a paradox way.
So instead of making „gold”from the world ,making rubbish of it.

ingyenműtárgy / free artwork

2009. február 16., hétfő

Negative Alchemy - gold rubbish assemblages

 Angyal (negatív Alkímia sorozat) 95x85x20cm

Negatív Alkímia 2; 150x60x20cm

Negatív Alkímia (diptichon); 2db 50x40x15cm

Kiss András; Tilos4

Tilos4; farost; 65X95cm

Kiss András; Lifeforms

2009. január 5., hétfő

Kiss András; Urban Alchemy

Urban Alchemy; 2008


Tánc; vegyes technika, farost; 53x70cm

Harc; vegyes technika, farost; 47x70cm

10 Parancsolat

Kiss András; Rejtvény

Rejtvény; montázs; diptichon; 2db A/4

Kiss András; montázsok

Montázsok; (egyenlőre cím nélkül) A/4