2009. szeptember 28., hétfő

Negative Alchemy - Gold rubbish heap; trash installation at FIKA, Pécs

Gold rubbish heap; trash art installation at FIKA, Pécs

Negative Alchemy:

The distorted human values continually generate useless objects, products, rubbishes, and now this became the center of the life, if this would be the meaning way of life. Almost every human work, job resault is rubbish.
The alchemy and other metaphysical traditions, and other normal way of thinkings say the main thing would be elevate, and help the world getting better, and liveable in matterial, spiritual, and in soul sense as well.
Isntead of this humans produce rubbish, doing negative Alchemy, ruin the matterial, the spirit and the soul.
In my work i would like to point for the distorted value system, unconscious rubbish adorism in a paradox way.
So instead of making „gold”from the world ,making rubbish of it.

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